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Leading manufacturer of Self-Venting Film and Pouches with the unique ability to “breathe” under pressure. Steam Inside products act like a flexible pressure cooker combined with a steamer when heated in the microwave oven.

Market applications are driven by customer needs. Together with our customers we have created many innovations in today’s marketplace.

Other possible applications are only limited to one's  creativity and imagination Please contact us for any needs and we’ll work with you to find an optimal solution.


Steam Inside® products are suitable for packaging any kind of frozen vegetable, allowing vegetables to preserve organoleptic quality and maximizes mineral and nutrient retention

 Frozen Veg (Edamame Pasta)
Edamame Pasta
Frozen Veg (AF Asparagus Spears)
AF Asparagus Spears
Frozen Veg (Rice)
 Frozen Veg (Edamame Pasta)

Fresh Produce (Mann's) Fresh Produce (Mann's)




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Allows food to retain more natural flavors, texture, and nutritional value by regulating the amount of steam that regulate through the venting system. Steam Inside Reclosable bags can be reused and recycled.
Consumer Products

The special venting structure of Steam Inside materials combining with non-woven materials can be manufactured into bags or sleeves for protecting fruits, such as grapes, balsam pears, bell fruits, Japanese pears, peaches, custard apples, persimmons, bananas, pomelos, mangos, etc. These fruit protecting covers can effectively prevent the access of fruit fly, codling moth and birds to the fruit you want to protect, improving the overall quality (taste, size and appearance) and increasing the revenue of agriculturists.

WaveQuick’s “fruit protecting covers” have several important advantages:

1. Air permeable and waterproof
It is multi-layer construction bag. The outer layer is an air permeable PE membrane for preventing the penetration of rainwater into the bag and allowing at the same time, the evaporation of condensed water generated inside the bag toward the outside of the bag. The inner layer is made from an air permeable non-woven material to protect from the injury caused by water.

2. Prevent injuries caused by insects and birds

The surface of the outer air permeable PE membrane is not only smooth but also strong so that both the flies and birds are unable to sting and peck the fruit in the cover so the fruit can be protected from the injury caused by external insects and birds.

3. Prevent injuries caused by sun exposure
A gas permeable PE membrane combines a non-woven material with composite fibers are able to reflect sunbeam and resist ultraviolet rays so the fruit can be protected from the injury caused by sun exposure

4. Prevent injuries caused by water
The purpose of the outer gas permeable PE membrane is similar to raincoat. Even if the rainwater has permeated into the protecting cover because of an incomplete covering, you still can see the condensation in the protecting cover evaporating toward the outside of the cover as the weather clears up. This is, the water will not accumulate inside the protecting cover and the fruit will also not be injured by the water.

5. Provide better color and luster
A trace sunbeam still can pass through the protecting cover and bring the photosynthesis with the fruit so that both the outward appearance and the sugariness of the fruit can be improved.
6. Protect the fruits from wind and rain battering
The gas permeable PE membrane is able to sustain a very powerful tensile force. Therefore the protecting cover and the fruit inside will not be damaged by wind or rain even in typhoon day as long as the fruit is well covered in the protecting cover.
7. Recyclable and Reusable

Our fruit protecting cover is environmental friendly and cost saving. It can be reused as long as the bag integrity is maintained and it also can be fully recyclable when reuse is no desirable.


Balsam Pears

Bell Fruits




Possible applications are only limited to your creativity and imagination Please contact us for any venting needs and we’ll work together with you to find an optimal solution.