Welcome to WaveQuick Technology Co., Ltd.
Leading manufacturer of Self-Venting Film and Pouches with the unique ability to “breathe” under pressure. Steam Inside products act like a flexible pressure cooker combined with a steamer when heated in the microwave oven.
 About Us (AWARDS)  Established in 2001, WaveQuick Technology Co., Ltd., is a privately owned, young and aggressive company located in Tainan County, Taiwan.  The company focuses on the research and development of Self-Venting Microwaveable Packaging Materials and has won many packaging awards worldwide.

  Being able to eat healthier while shortening the cooking time are without doubt one of the mealtime challenges for today’s on-the-go lifestyle. In order to help people achieve these goals, WaveQuick Technology Co., Ltd. is proud to announce the introduction of WaveQuick™ Self-Venting Microwaveable Packaging Materials. This state of the art packaging material is unique in its concept and will revolutionize the way people cook.

  WaveQuick Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to provide only the best microwaveable packaging material and relevant end products for today’s modern market and we work closely with our customers to meet their complex packaging challenges by creating new structures suitable for their diverse application requirements.