Welcome to WaveQuick Technology Co., Ltd.
Leading manufacturer of Self-Venting Film and Pouches with the unique ability to “breathe” under pressure. Steam Inside products act like a flexible pressure cooker combined with a steamer when heated in the microwave oven.
  • Color seperation software of ESKO Artwork to Transform your graphic designs or creative artwork to “rotogravure friendly” plate making files
  • KODAK polychrome proofer Approval XP4 for plastic film.
  • Cylinders are engraved in house using Full Automatic Laser Cylinder Making System (Laser Stream 21) from Think Laboratory JAPAN.
  • Maximum cylinder circumference 880 mm , Maximum face length 1300 mm .

  • 10 colors’Section Drive rotogravure press from CHIACHANG machinery CO., Ltd.,TAIWAN.
  • Maximum printing width 1200 mm.



Extrusion Lamination

  • Tandem coextrusion line from Sumitomo Heavy Industries Modern, Ltd.,JAPAN.
  • Maximum laminate width 1250 mm.

    Extrusion Lamination


Dry Lamination

  • Dry with extra length for very low solvent retation also for water base adhesive from CHIACHANG machinery CO.Ltd.,TAIWAN.
  • Maximum laminate width 1200 mm.

    Dry Lamination


  • Maximum unwinding width 1250 mm
  • Maximum diameter of product 500 mm

Bag Making:

  • Many kinds are available, sizes and formats are provided according to customers’request after conformation.

    Bag Making