Welcome to WaveQuick Technology Co., Ltd.
Leading manufacturer of Self-Venting Film and Pouches with the unique ability to “breathe” under pressure. Steam Inside products act like a flexible pressure cooker combined with a steamer when heated in the microwave oven.
  • Features(Poster English)Self-venting. No piercing required prior to microwaving.
  • Completely airtight to maintain package integrity and avoid package tempering
  • Excellent steaming effect achieved with Intelligent 2 Phases Pressure Cooking Technology
  • No excessive loss of moisture, preserves organoleptic quality and maximizes mineral and nutrient retention
  • No microwave splattering. No kitchen cleaning
  • Reduces cooking time, saves energy and money
  • Manufactured with 100% non-toxic and odorless FDA, JIS, EC, CFIA compliant materials.
  • Can be used with any existing packaging machinery without alteration.


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